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Product Summary

From chimney to foundation, Sashco has a select group of caulks and sealants for specific home applications, interior and exterior. All Sachco products are paintable for a seal that truely "disappears."

  • Big Stretch is our water-based caulk and sealant for doors, windows and siding.
  • Lexel, the original clear caulk in a clear tube, is ideal for kitchens and baths.
  • Through The Roof is our clear, flexible, permanent roof patch that makes fixing roof leaks easy... and "invisible."
  • Mor-Flexx Mortar & Stucco Repair is our textured caulk and sealant where you want sandy texture and flexibility for a long-lasting seal.
  • Set 'N Stone seals coping stones to a retaining wall and fixes paving stones to a solid underlayment.

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